“ Get Your Lense On!®

Lense On!® Camera Equipment and Accessories

Lense On!® can attach to a tripod or monopod, or sit on almost any surface, providing an unparalleled combination of stability and freedom of movement. Just mount Lense On!® onto your monopod or tripod once! Place your camera and lense on Lense On! and shoot! When you want to reposition, just take your camera off in one hand and carry the tripod/monopod in the other. How simple can that be!
Camera and lens stabilzer

What is Lense On!®

Lense On!® is the only camera & lense photo stabilizing platform system that produces the sharpest, clearest photos with the best trouble free, fast set up and take down available. Take professional photos without having to buy the expensive and bulky photo stabilizing products.

Camera and lens stabilzer

Does it Really Work?

Lense On!® has been tested in a variety of environments and in many different conditions. They are constructed with strong and robust materials so that you can have confidence that the Lense On!® will make it through even the most vigorous of photo shoots. It’s also easy to transport and looks great!

Camera and lens stabilzer

Lense On!® is for Anyone

Whether a professional photographer or a weekend amateur, the Lense On!® is the perfect tool to get the best photos while maintaining unprecedented freedom of movement. It is inexpensive, lightweight, portable, and will collapse for travel. Perfect as a gift for friends or family.

Simply Rest Your Camera Lense On!®

As a photographer, your intent is to capture spectacular photos.  You can do that and more with the perfect camera accessory in Lense On!®.  Lense On!® allows anyone from a beginner to a professional photographer to capture remarkably clear photos.  Add Lense On!® to your tripod or monopod and then just simply rest your camera Lense On.  Yes, it is that easy to use.  Whether you want to act quickly or aim slowly, Lense On!® is the perfect tool to get the perfect shot.

Lense On!® Is Compatible With Any (Including SLR and DSLR) Camera:

  • Sony digital Camera Accessories
  • Nikon Camera Accessories
  • Canon Camera Accessories
  • Olympus Camera Accessories
  • HP Camera Accessories
  • Kodak Camera Accessories
  • Fuji Camera Accessories
  • And Many More..

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