About Lense On! Bean Bag Camera Support

Lense On! is the only camera and lens photo stabilizing platform system that produces the sharpest, clearest photos with the fastest set up and take down than with handheld methods. You can take professional photos without having to buy the expensive and bulky photo stabilizing products. It’s affordable, lightweight, portable and will collapse for travel. Whether you are taking photos that require a fast set up and take down, or your on safari where working space is extremely limited, or you just want to take better photos, Lense On! camera bean bag support has been tested and proven to work in virtually every situation.

Simple and Easy to Use

Lense On! is so easy to use. Simple and easy instructions that any, young or old, can use. There are no precautions. Just ‘Get Your Lense On!’ It frees up your hands and arms from handing holding up heavy equipment. Lense On! actually helps you to take the shot. Lense On! is not limited to horizontal shots as a camera lense does when attached to a tripod or monopod. When an image stabilized lense on a camera is attached to a monopod or tripod, the IS feature is disabled by the camera. Lense On! will never disable the image stabilization function of your camera or lense.

Can be Mounted Directly on a Monopod or Tripod

Lense On! bean bag camera mount can be attached to any tripod or monopod. It is put together with four pop rivets for rugged use. The platform base is constructed of aluminum with stainless steel mounting nuts. The mounting sockets are especially made to accomodate the universal standard sizes of mounting pins for tripods and monopods.

Aluminum and Stainless steel platform to ensure stability

The inner aluminum disk on the platform base ensures greater strength of attachment of the two part base and fabric bag. The inner disk has a custom bump out to allow for greater screw-in of the mounting pin and prevent pin breakage and pull out.

Rugged, Easy to Clean, Soft, Dirt and Moisture Resistant

The outer bag is made from tough but soft USA 1000 denier nylon. The nylon resists tearing, piercing, shredding and puncture. The soft bags can be molded into various shapes for different positions of creative photography.

Eco-friendly Lightweight Inner Bag Filling

The insert bag ‘green’ filler consists of recycled rubber and micro beads, being adjustable through a wide zipper opening. While the emphasis is on fill while being lightweight, the bag can be filled with your own beans or rice. This bag can be used independently from the outer platform bag. The inner bag is made from 200 denier silky nylon. This allows the bag smooth placement into the outer bag. It can be used alone as a camera bean bag, pillow or seat.

Rubber Feet Included for Versatility

Four over-sized rubber feet on the base ensure greater camera lense stability and versatility when placed on any surface. In outdoor photography, Lense On! can setup anywhere, including rocky and irregular surfaces. The camera lense will rest on the bag without having to strap it down for stability. It works great on pop top safari trucks, car hoods and tabletop shooting. Lense On! can be placed on any surface for a comfortable seat. It works great on a monopod and tripod for instant seating. Turn the monopod with Lense On! attached upside down for a fast walking stick!

Attaches Easily to a Belt, Backpack or Luggage

A one inch ‘D’ ring is sewn into the side seam to allow the platform bag to be attached to a belt, backpack or luggage. Buy Now! »

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