Does It Really Work?

I made Lense On! from a scratch idea in my kitchen. As the idea grew, so did Lense On!

I have professionally tested Lense On! in Africa in all types of safari trucks and situations. I have changed the base from plastic to powder coated aluminum. I have replaced the punch-in coil mounting socket that pulled out of the plastic, with stainless steel PEM nut mounting screw sockets. The mounting sockets are standard world wide in 1/4 ” and 3/8″ sizes. The materials of the bags have changed from the lightweight fabrics that tore and ripped to the cut-resistant 1000 denier nylon. I added an insert bag to hold my special blend of recycled crumb rubber and plastic micro beads to complete the fill without the weight. I added a bumped out aluminum disk inside the platform base to hold the fabric and pop rivets. I replaced a regular screw and nut with pop rivets to ensure durable connections of the metal and visual perfection. I added a ‘D’ ring and rubber feet to the original design to give Lense On! a more versatile use. I added a zipper pull tab to make it easier to access the zipper opening.

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