DSLR Videographers

Camera shake and blurry video are a challenge for DSLR videographers using long telephoto lenses. Many lenses contain image stabilization to remove camera shake but they have their own drawbacks. The standard answer is to tripod mount the camera but it takes a really stout tripod to be effective. Add a little wind into the mix and even the tripod doesn’t help.

LenseOn! is the most versatile and cost-effective way to eliminate camera shake and blurry video. It’s four rubber feet allow you to set it on almost any surface. Its tripod mount allows you to mount it on a tripod or monopod.

Imaging being able to quickly orient the camera in a completely different direction by simply picking it up and repositioning it on LenseOn! No more time wasted unlocking and licking down the tripod.

Only LenseOn! offers this unparalleled combination of stability and freedom of movement!

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