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I recently saw this movie about the capturing and murdering of dolphins for meat. This incredible documentary begins with our “Flipper” hero, Richard O’Barry in various television series clips and out takes. He goes on to tell the story of how all the dolphins you see performing tricks in all the marine parks all over the world get their dolphins. Japan allows the people of Taiji, Japan to legally capture dolphins and kill over 20,000 each year. A live dolphin can be sold for around $200,000, while dolphin meat goes for around $4.00 a pound, or about $2,000 for a female dolphin and $4,000 for a male dolphin. The capture and killing is horrible to watch, but the story of how the activists and filmmakers accomplished this, is no less than 007! James Bond! It is so sad to hear the dolphins screaming! The town people and government tried to prevent the filming, but the ingenuity of the makers were smarter! The real unfortunate thing about this, is the dolphins lose and people do too. Dolphin meat is off the charts in toxic PCB’s of mercury, lead, and cadmium! The Japanese people eating dolphin meat are experiencing terrible health problems and handicapped and deformed children. The fact is, dolphin meat is being sold as other fish! Remember, the larger the fish, the more toxic they are.


You might want to check out their site for more information: In case that doesn’t change your mind, just search “dolphins killed for meat”. I have now given up raw tuna for good!

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