Positive Lense On! Feedback

“This is a shot of the Lense On in actual use. Our best photographer, Mark Maritato, grabbed onto and won’t let go of this thing. As you can see, he has it on a milk crate. Tripods won’t go this low and he would normally just use a sandbag. He loves it! I will have to buy this one from you, he won’t give it back to me… good thing, right?”

Suzy Mars, Photo Editor at Omega Studios-Premedia Technologies

North American Nature Photography 2013 Summit

As one of the very best national photography associations, the North American Nature Photography Association is preparing for their 2013 summit. I have purchased their inside back cover of the show booklet and here is the advertisement. The top photo of the leopard was taken in August of 2012 in Botswana at Vumbura Plains Camp. The gorilla photo was also taken in August 2012 in Rwanda while staying at the Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. And of course, the bottom photo is of yours truly, Shirley Kleppe, with here Lense On! while staying at Stanley’s Camp in Botswana.

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