This is our second trip to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust after a fifteen year break. The Trust has really grown from our original visit. Our first visit was conducted by Mrs. Sheldrick showing us two twin rhino orphans. They since then, those rhinos were sent to the zoo in Nairobi. At the time, we got to touch and walk with the orphans. The popularity of visitors has necessitated roping off the area, separating us from the babies. The orphans are eventually returned to the wild or zoos. What was not seen inside the ‘rope ring’ were a dozen more larger elephants in the back area, being washed down and fed. Interesting, the little orphan elephants are fed human baby formula! I hope you take the time to visit them on your next trip to Nairobi.

orphaned elephants in Nairobi

baby orphaned elephants in Nairobi

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