We were at the Mara Explorer Camp located in the middle of the world famous Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. We saw tons of animals, but nothing greater than this cloud formation. We were on our evening safari, when a sudden rainstorm came up. We covered up our camera equipment and rolled down the sides on the rover. After the deluge, we rolled up the sides and proceeded back to the camp. Our driver, Aggrey, followed the slope up to the top of the rise. I was watching the cloud formations as we traveled on. Just at the right time, I asked Aggrey to stop the truck for a short sundowner. As he set up, so did I. I got out my monopod with my Lense On! attached and shot several frames. It was so amazing to see such a dramatic cloud formation move and change. The Lense On! gave me a beautifully focused shot; without it the moment would have been lost! Lense On! promises no camera shake, reduced lens vibrations and great image stabilization.

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