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“I was all set up for a shot of some antelope that were about to come down through the canyon. Suddenly I looked up and a bald eagle soared overhead. Had my camera been on a tripod I could never have reposition it quickly enough. LenseOn! allowed me to simply pick up my camera and aim it and the bald eagle and get the shot”

using LenseOn! on safariLense On! is the only camera and lense photo stabilizing platform system that produces the sharpest, clearest photos with the best trouble free, fast set up and take down than with handheld methods. You can make professional photos without having to buy the expensive and bulky photo stabilizing products. It is inexpensive, lightweight, portable and will collapse for travel.

You’ve planned this trip for years. You want to make sure you get every shot. Don’t risk missing a great shot because your tripod doesn’t provide the unparalleled combination of stability and freedom of movement offered by LenseOn! Now you can keep your camera and long lens steady when shooting from open land rovers and jeeps.

What others have to say about Lense On!

“I found the Lense On to be essential during my own trip to Botswana and will definitely be taking it when I returned to Kruger and Mozambique in the fall. The Lense On is the best way to obtain good sharp photos of the active wildlife while still being able to travel light, move around and set up a shot quickly.”
– Roger Schlesinger

Lense On! on Safari!

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